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Our Work

The Solana Collective is committed to bringing opportunities to ecosystem Content Creators and ecosystem projects by utilizing content sprints. By partnering with Solana ecosystem teams we have given opportunites to writers, artists, video creators, and poets by organizing and funding Content Sprints which allow our creators to create, and our partners to receive great content.


Solana Scribes

With 1000+ Content Creators participating and more than 2500 pieces of content written, Solana Scribes was the first of its kind "Content-athon." Sponsored by numerous ecosystem teams putting up over $125,000 in prizes it was a massive success for sponsoring teams and Content Creators alike.

Solana Crossroads Content Sprint

The latest Solana Collective Content Sprint, Crossroads was a collaboration between the Collective and Step Finance to promote their community event Solana Crossroads. With over $7000 in prizes, ecosystem Content Creators submitted 80+ pieces of Crossroads specific content, gaining exposure for themselves as Creators and for the Solana Crossroads Event.

Collective XP Leaderboard.png

Collective XP System

Collective Members are constantly putting out content, from educational videos to long form threads and much much more. They are rewarded via the Collective XP system, earning merch, opportunities, and even full expense paid trips to major Solana events such as Breakpoint.

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